Bettie Haute Couture
Bettie Jiang is a graduate of London College of Fashion of the University of the Arts London, where she studied fashion design and surface textiles. With a comprehensive knowledge on fabrics, the designer skillfully interprets her clothing concept through honouring the salient details of fabric in her collections. In addition, the exposure to the forward-looking nature of the profession during her master degree on future’s fashion inspired Bettie to take sustainability as the core value of her fashion practice. Sustainability is a global topic that permeants into every sector. Bettie observes the interconnected parts of fashion and the ecosystem, tries to work hard on zero waste during the production process from paper pattern design to fabric cutting. Combining the use of natural fiber and eco-friendly fabric, Bettie’s fashion links customers to sustainable living. Bettie participated in the design of McQueen's SS09 collection and helped create the McQueen’s Skull signature pattern. McQueen loved to draw on design inspiration from the nature and made birds and feather as the conceptual basis of his works. He hoped to demonstrate the inseparable relationship between human and the nature, leading us to return to the nature and explore the primitive beauty in everything. McQueen made clothing a part of sustainable development through striving a harmony and balance among the contradictions in fashion and design.
Bettie is an eponymous fashion label that respects craftsmanship and sartorial traditions with an evocative expression of refined detailing. Bettie’s bespoke experience marks a creative nuance in formal tailoring with an emphasis on personalized particularities and dimensionalities through an adept use of self-created patterns for suit jacket linings. The designer Bettie Jiang began her career as a fashion designer in the U.K. After receiving her degrees at the University of the Arts London, she worked at the fashion studio of Alexander McQueen, where she gained an insightful perception and hands-on experience of bespoke British tailoring. Bettie revels in the edgy juxtaposition of a forward-thinking fashion narrative and a meticulous attention to artisanship. Simple But Not Boring: Bettie’s design is stylish but not over the top. The complex details in Bettie bespoke pieces are always subtle. The key of this “complication” is the color of pattern, which was inspired by the designer’s experience working with Alexander McQueen who persisted in the finding of fresh and stunning visual effects on design patterns. The unconventional and asymmetric cuts on details of cutting, that were inspired to transform architectural elements into the making of surprisingly structured silhouette, is also a “complication” you can easily spot in Bettie’s design.
London Fashion Week
A/W 2020