4 February 2020
HK designers unveil collections at London Fashion Week
Multifaceted show displays city’s aesthetic and design prowess

4 February 2020 – Four Hong Kong fashion labels will launch collections at London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2020, showcasing the city’s fashion creativity to industry elites and style influencers from around the world. The presentation is part of the Fashion Hong Kong promotion campaign organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and sponsored by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region*.

The HKTDC will stage the Fashion Hong Kong show and host a cocktail reception at Somerset House (East Wing Galleries) in London at 8.30pm (United Kingdom time) on 14 February. Incorporating art installations, drama, music and performance art, the presentation will explore Hong Kong’s multifaceted creativity. 

The designer line-up illustrates Hong Kong’s diverse and vibrant fashion landscape. The designers are Angus Tsui (brand name: ANGUS TSUI), Bettie Jiang (brand name: Bettie), Jessica Lau & Walter Kong (brand name: Blind by JW) and Yeung Chin (brand name: YEUNG CHIN).


Return to London Fashion Week
Fashion Hong Kong, a series of international promotions organised by the HKTDC to raise the global profile of the city’s fashion designers and labels, has showcased Hong Kong’s unique, diverse designs in international fashion weeks and renowned events since 2015. This is the third year Fashion Hong Kong has taken the city’s brands to London Fashion Week in addition to covering fashion capitals such as New York, Paris, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai. 


Multipronged promotion for Hong Kong fashion design
Fashion Hong Kong is collaborating with several lifestyle brands and artists to promote the campaign during London Fashion Week. Partners include Hong Kong online creative platform StoryTeller and fashion illustrator Ashbee Wong, who has crafted an exclusive illustration for the campaign. 

Hong Kong start-up ShirtStylist.com, an online platform for custom shirt-making, is creating another exclusive and stylish series of Fashion Hong Kong shirts employing fabrics used by the four designers in their 2020 Autumn/Winter collections. 

Daycraft – which features original designs with a passion for the arts, design and lifestyle – has collaborated with Fashion Hong Kong for the third time to produce a limited-edition diary celebrating Fashion Hong Kong’s participation at London Fashion Week. The diary features unique cover designs created by the participating designers. Other collaborating Hong Kong brand partners include ditto ditto, CHOCOLAT-IER and Acumen Paper.


Designer: Angus Tsui


Designer and brand profile
Angus Tsui founded his brand in 2014 to bridge high fashion with sustainability. Mr Tsui has garnered various awards such as the 2017 DFA Design for Asia Awards (Bronze), 2017 EcoChic Design Awards (Common Objective Prize) and 2014 Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award. Working closely with upcycling pioneers Orsola de Castro and Ada Zanditon in London, Mr Tsui also established his own charity project, ANCares, coordinating workshops, exhibitions, seminars and workshops on sustainability with NGOs such as Friends of the Earth, Redress and St James Settlement. Other international partners include Swire Properties, Cathay Pacific and H&M.


Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection: · · · ·  - - -  - -  · (“Home” in Morse code)
Riding the boundaries of fashion and futurism, the new collection is inspired by an original apocalyptic story about the future of humans. The designer transcends traditional silhouettes with unique pattern cuttings, exquisite fabric textures, metallic colours and trims to create otherworldly artistic expressions. The concept of interchangeable design with a sense of sustainability is also introduced.

Designer: Bettie Jiang
Brand: Bettie


Desginer and brand profile
Ms Jiang studied fashion design and surface textiles at the London College of Fashion in the University of the Arts London. She has comprehensive knowledge of fabrics and concept-interpretation skills that she always honours in the salient details of fabric in her collections. Combining the use of natural fibre and eco-friendly fabric, Ms Jiang's fashions link customers to sustainble living. Before she founded her namesake label, Ms Jiang participated in the design of Alexander McQueen's Summer/Spring 2009 collection and helped create McQueen's signature skull pattern.


Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection: AWAKEN
Ms Jiang's first womenswear collection, AWAKEN is inspired by simple geometry. With squares representing principles and circles manifesting the wisdom of life, the collection highlights the unique personalities of women being both tender and tough, through the special cutting and the fabric choice of wool and silk. The designer envisions empowering women to freely express themselves and not to shy away from their distinct personalities.


Designer: Jessica Lau & Walter Kong 
Brand: Blind by JW


Designer and brand profile
The designer duo Jessica Lau and Walter Kong founded Blind by JW in 2012. Ms Lau had previously worked with several luxury fashion houses including Alexander McQueen in London, John Galliano in Paris and Diane von Furstenberg in New York. She was named “Best Emerging Fashion Designer 2009” in London by creative group Artstalker. Walter Kong was named Overall Champion at the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest in 2007.


Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection: YOUR GAME IS BIGGER THAN YOUR REALITY
Inspired by the cultural diversity and hustle and bustle of the designers’ hometown, Hong Kong, the collection starts with a tough and strong city look in a cold vibe, infusing elements of British tailored jackets and padded coats using tartan Scottish wool silk and new checked double knitted jerseys, with a modernised shifted mandarin collar paired with Asian wrapped trousers. Creative, contemporary transformation of some classic, typical designs using eco-friendly yarn made of pre-consumed wool and recyclable polyester is also involved. Their unique scarf design with QR codes lets city travellers access worldwide landmark maps.

Designer: Yeung Chin 


Designer and brand profile
Yeung Chin won the Top Creative Award and Special Mention Award respectively at the 2003 and 2009 Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest and established his brand YEUNG CHIN in 2013. Mr Yeung presented his collections at fashion week events in Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and Beijing from 2015 to 2017 and debuted at London Fashion Week in 2019. He has also held exhibitions at the UK Cheers Exhibition, Singapore Design Centre, Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Hong Kong Asia Society Gallery among others.


Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection: YOU BRING LIGHT TO THE DARKNESS
Is death grief of separation or hope for reunion? Inspired by the funeral of the designer’s beloved, the collection will be showcased in the format of a theatre performance, leading the audience to reflect on life and death and the aesthetics and cultures of funerals step-by-step. The designer re-interprets the concept of funerals by combining funeral elements of different cultures such as music and costumes – the oriental cutting deconstructed with a Victorian corset created in a symmetrical and conscious silhouette, with a diverse mix of fabric choices of different textures and weights.

Fashion Hong Kong's Main Events at London Fashion Week

Fashion Hong Kong Fashion Presentation & Cocktail Reception

Date: 14 February 2020 (Friday)
Time: 9pm-10:30pm (media preview starts at 8:30pm)
Venue: Somerset House (East Wing Galleries), Strand, London WC2R 1LA

RSVP: fashion_hongkong@wearevillage.com

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