24 January 2020
Fashion Hong Kong arrives at New York Fashion Week
Runway show gives local creativity a place in the limelight

24 January 2020 – Three leading Hong Kong fashion designer brands will take part in the Fashion Hong Kong runway show at New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020 in February. The runway parade, organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), will feature 36 unique creations, showcasing Hong Kong’s fashion vibrancy to industry elites and style influencers from the United States and around the world.


Launching their Fall/Winter 2020 collections at the runway show on 6 February (Eastern Standard Time) will be Harrison Wong (brand name: HARRISON WONG), design duo Lary Cheung and Yi Chan (brand name: HEAVEN PLEASE+), who return to the show for the third consecutive year, and debut designer Sun Lam (brand name: SUN=SEN). An after-show event – Fashion Hong Kong Night, sponsored by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region* – will enable the young designers to network with high-profile fashion industry players. 


B2B showroom to facilitate business exchange

Fashion Hong Kong is a series of international promotions organised by the HKTDC to raise the global profile of Hong Kong fashion designers and brands. Since 2015, Fashion Hong Kong has been staging world-class runway shows at major international fashion events, including New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Copenhagen Fashion Week and Tokyo Fashion Week, showcasing the skills and creativity of Hong Kong’s fashion designers in overseas markets.


To further promote the city’s fashion brands and foster exchange and collaboration between Hong Kong designers and international buyers, the HKTDC will run the Fashion Hong Kong Showroom from 4 February to 5 March at FTL Moda, a major wholesale showroom located on New York’s Seventh Avenue, also known as “Fashion Avenue.”


In addition to the three designer brands showcased at the runway show, 10 other emerging Hong Kong fashion accessories and apparel brands will be featured in the Fashion Hong Kong showroom, including: ARTO., Charlotte Ng Studio, Invisibilis Moveré, KKLUE, MIDNIGHT FACTORY, WHOSTHAT, made of pearl, Verdandi House, les amis, and Maria Conti.


Harrison Wong

Designer and brand profile

Harrison Wong, designer and founder of HARRISON WONG LIMITED, made his fashion debut by winning both the Hong Kong Young Designer's Contest and the Grand Prix Contest in Japan. In 2014, Harrison Wong entered a new chapter by opening his first retail shop in Hong Kong. Now the label is expanding internationally and has been found in selected high-profile shops in different locations such as L'ECLAIREUR in Paris and Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong.


Fall/Winter 2020 Collection: Abstract Composition

Harrison Wong’s namesake label is known for simple, structured lines yet dramatic look. For his FW2020 collection, Harrison Wong returns to his fascination with abstract visual art, inspired to create a new style through a creative combination of classic tailoring, denim and workwear. The influence of abstraction comes through in unexpected deconstruction, patchwork, and dynamic colour blocking. The use of matte and glossy fabrics serves to provide heightened contrast in this new collection.

Lary Cheung and Yi Chan

Designers and brand profile

Lary Cheung and Yi Chan graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University. They founded the brand HEAVEN PLEASE+ in 2011 and launched their initial collection in 2012. The designer duo are devoted to applying their experiences beyond the fashion industry, including art, music and literature. The brand has had the opportunity to design several costumes for Hong Kong artists and large-scale events including the Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation. HEAVEN PLEASE+ opened its first retail location in Tsim Sha Tsui in 2013, which was subsequently chosen by the Hong Kong Louis Vuitton City Guide as one of the recommended fashion stores to visit in 2017.


Fall/Winter 2020 Collection: GIRL, YOU’LL BE A WOMAN SOON

By applying different design variations on each of their pieces, Lary Cheung and Yi Chan wish to bring individuality to simple clothing. Their FW2020 collection was purposefully chosen to present the idea of a modern woman. Inspired by the Princess of Wales and traditional British royal costumes, the brand transforms elegant details from traditional pieces into modern daily wear.

Sun Lam
Brand: SUN=SEN

Designer and brand profile

Coming from a family with a garment-industry background, SUN=SUN’s founder and creative director Sun Lam seeks to work with something unexpected and fun, with the intention of bringing these elements into the traditional clothing industry. In 2013, she won the Encouragement Prize in the 3rd International Ubiquitous Digital Fashion Design Contest organised by the Korean Society for Clothing Industry. She later went to the United Kingdom to earn a master’s degree in Fashion Design. Her graduate collection was chosen as a finalist in the iD Dunedin International Emerging Designer Award 2016 and was selected to participate in a showcase at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. Ms Lam was later selected as one of the black sheep designers for the NotJustaLabel, and in 2017 was chosen as an Emerging Talent for the Paris TRANOÏ show.


Fall/Winter 2020 Collection: I SWEAR I’M A NICE GHOST

SUN=SEN always hopes to use garments to spread a sense of optimism to the world.  Her FW2020 collection is inspired by an alien character called Nice Ghost, aiming to encourage people to express themselves and break through social stereotypes. The collection will combine space and girl fashion elements and continues with the brand’s signature double sleeves and multi-wear silhouettes.


Fashion Hong Kong's Main Event at New York Fashion Week

Fashion Hong Kong Runway Show
Time: 11am on 6 February 2020 (Thursday)
Venue: Gallery 1 at Spring Studios, 50 Varick Street, Floor 6, New York
RSVP: fashionhongkong@agentrypr.com

Fashion Hong Kong Night (Sponsored by CreateHK*)
Time: 5pm on 6 February 2020 (Thursday)
Venue: Mr. Purple Hotel Indigo, Lower East Side, 171 Ludlow Street, New York
(By invitation only)

Fashion Hong Kong Showroom
Date: 4 February to 5 March 2020 (By appointment)
Venue: FTL Moda, 525 7th Avenue, Suite 1007, New York
Appointment requests: nicoletta@ilarianiccolini.com

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