31 January 2019
Four Hong Kong Designers Debut at London Fashion Week
Fashion Presentation to Showcase City’s Design Prowess

31 January 2019 – Four leading Hong Kong fashion designer labels will present their works at London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2019, showcasing Hong Kong’s fashion creativity to industry elites and style influencers from around the world. The presentation is part of the Fashion Hong Kong promotion campaign organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC).

The HKTDC will stage the “Fashion Hong Kong” show and host a cocktail reception at The College, Old Central Saint Martins in London at 8:30pm (UK time) on 15 Feb. Incorporating various elements such as art installations, drama and performance art, the presentation will showcase the multi-faceted creativity of Hong Kong designers. Visitors can review the four labels’ new collections and meet the designers in person. The event will give the designers a chance to network with industry players from around the world.

Each of the four Hong Kong fashion designers has a unique style. They are Doris Kath Chan (brand name: DORISKATH), Cynthia Mak (brand name: HOUSE OF V), Polly Ho (brand name: LOOM LOOP) and Yeung Chin (brand name: YEUNG CHIN).


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Fashion Hong Kong comprises a series of international promotions organised by the HKTDC to raise the global profile of Hong Kong fashion designers and labels. Since 2015, Fashion Hong Kong has actively participated in international fashion weeks and renowned events to showcase the city’s unique, diverse designs. The campaign has covered New York, London, Copenhagen, Tokyo and Shanghai. This is the second year for Fashion Hong Kong to take the city’s brands to London Fashion Week.


Multipronged Promotion for Hong Kong Fashion Design

This year, Fashion Hong Kong has collaborated with several lifestyle brands and artists to promote the campaign during London Fashion Week. Partners include Hong Kong online creative platform StoryTeller and fashion illustrator Andrew Yeung, who has crafted an exclusive illustration for the campaign. Featuring the theme of Hong Kong fashion in the eyes of illustrators, and incorporating the styles and cultures of London, his illustration highlights the impact Hong Kong fashion makes at London Fashion Week.

Hong Kong start-up ShirtStylist.com, an online platform for shirt custom-making, is creating an exclusive and stylish series of Fashion Hong Kong shirts with fabrics used by the four designers in their 2019 Autumn/Winter collections. In addition, Hong Kong creative unit and pin-badge brand PERKS is launching a special edition of 2019 autumn/winter pins for Fashion Hong Kong to celebrate this year’s event.  

Daycraft – a Hong Kong brand that features original design with a passion for the arts, design and lifestyle – has collaborated with Fashion Hong Kong once again to produce a limited-edition diary celebrating Fashion Hong Kong’s participation at London Fashion Week. The diary features unique cover designs created by the participating designers. Other collaborating Hong Kong brand partners include CHOCOLAT-IER and Antalis HK.


Fashion Hong Kong Designer Labels at London Fashion Week:


Doris Kath Chan


Designer Profile:

Doris Kath Chan is a talented designer with a degree in Fashion Design Womenswear from Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London. With her innovative fashion sense and rich industry experience, Ms Chan is frequently interviewed at major fashion shows and events both internationally and locally, and her signature design has been well received by international media. DORISKATH is a custom wedding and evening gown label that may expand into ready-to-wear collections.


Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection: M.E.

"M.E." is inspired by the “mirror stage” concept developed by the French psychologist Jacques Lacan. He believed that infants recognise themselves in a mirror, which induces a perception that might be a twisted self-perception. “M.E.” is an elaboration of the contrast between this imaginary projection and the real self - which avoids stereotypes but combines beautifully both feminine and masculine design elements.

Cynthia Mak


Designer Profile:

Born in Hong Kong and with an international upbringing, Cynthia Mak graduated with distinction from the Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London. Her final-year collection garnered praise from Vogue Italy, which called her one of the “New Talents” to watch out for. Ms Mak has worked at international brands such as Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood, and currently collaborates with HOUSE OF V on a range of innovative designs.


Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection: The New Winter Manual

"The New Winter Manual" commemorates the renowned British contemporary artist Damien Hirst and is inspired by his iconic series of spot paintings. The collection depicts the perfect interaction among random colours -- which the artist considers the most fundamental in any kind of art -- incorporating a series of colourful round buttons to make the simple and minimalistic silhouette more dimensional.

Polly Ho


Designer Profile:

Designer Polly Ho graduated in Arts and Design from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the University of Central England. She established LOOM LOOP after her Guangdong trip on which she discovered an extant fabric “Canton Silk”. Ms Ho was honoured with the Design for Asia Award 2015 (Bronze), Perspective's 40 under 40 Award and HKDA Global Design Awards (Silver and Hong Kong Best) in 2016. She presented her collections at Tokyo Fashion Week from 2015 to 2017, and New York Fashion Week in February 2016 and 2017. Autumn/Winter 2019 marks her debut collection at London Fashion Week.


Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection: Concrete Jungle

Hong Kong is unique and fascinating for its exciting fusion of Eastern and Western, ancient and modern cultures. “Concrete Jungle” was inspired by a unique Chinese symbol, the tiger, which often features in traditional Chinese architecture in Hong Kong. In antiquity, tigers were often painted going uphill and downhill, reflecting the belief that climbing tigers symbolise wealth while descending tigers can ward off evil spirits and bring peace. This collection aims to highlight the unique “East-Meets-West” culture of Hong Kong.

Yeung Chin


Designer Profile:

Yeung Chin obtained his masters in Fashion Design from the University of Westminster in London. He won a Special Mention Award at the 2003 Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest (YDC) and established his brand YEUNG CHIN in 2013. The designer presented his collections at fashion week events in Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and Beijing from 2015 to 2017 and held exhibitions at the UK Cheers Exhibition, Singapore Design Centre and Hong Kong Asia Society Gallery, among others.


Autumn/Winter Collection: Utopia

“Utopia” was inspired by controversial scenes in two military movies – the 1974 Italian psychodrama The Night Porter and 2018 American spy thriller Red Sparrow.

Main Events:

Fashion Hong Kong Fashion Presentation & Cocktail Reception

Date: 15 Feb 2019 (Friday)

Time: 9:30pm-10:30pm (Media preview starts at 8:30pm)

Venue: The College, 12 Southampton Row, WC1B 4AP, London (Entrance on Theobald’s Road)
RSVP: fashion_hongkong@wearevillage.com


Fashion Hong Kong Website: www.fashionhongkong.com

Fashion Hong Kong Instagram: @hktdcfashionhk

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