Annette Chan is a visionary tailor and owner of Anveglosa who strongly believes that leather clothing is not simply about its functionality, but can also be fashionable and contemporary to represent an individual’s character. Establishing her leather company in 1987, Chan first started her career as a retailer and manufacturer. Through almost 30 years of experience in the industry, she has a profound knowledge of the characteristics of leathers. “Leather is unlike other commonly used material in the industry, every piece has its unique skin pattern. Even with the same species, using different processing techniques could lead to a huge difference on the final texture and feeling of the leather. Therefore, sophisticated leather knowledge and excellent sense of design is very important to get the best outcome from each piece of leather.” says Chan Chan wanted to create a label that could utilise her extensive experience and reflect her definition of fine clothing: highest quality materials, figure flattering cuts, and exquisite craftsmanship in unfailing styles. Her notions led to the creation of Anveglosa in 2007. With her continued pursuit of her belief, Anveglosa has attracted loyal customers from all over the world. The brand is an expression of her taste, style and beliefs.
Anveglosa is a contemporary women’s fashion brand specialising in leatherwear. Created by Annette Chan, a self-taught designer and tailor, the label was manifested to reflect her definition of fine clothing. Through her use of the finest European leather, figure-flattering cuts, and exquisite craftsmanship, the company has consistently created high-quality leather clothing for the past 30 years and attracted high-end retailers internationally like Harvey Nichols, Galeries Lafayette Beijing and Lane Crawford. The inspiration behind the line is to serve as a combination of both practicality and style. Each piece draws attention not through exaggeration and loudness, but with a quiet charm. The fashionable, elegant and sophisticated clothes are a brilliant representation of the label’s character. The company was first established in 1987 as a retailer and manufacturer. Founder, Annette Chan, dissented with the common thought in the market that “leather wear is simply a functional product”. She aimed to create contemporary and fashionable leather clothing that could distinctly identify itself from the rest. Despite all the challenges she faced, the love of her three daughters has supported and drove her to pursue her dream. Annette created the brand name to represent her family members: “ANnette”, “VEnus”, “GLOri” and “SAbrina”. Anveglosa is a symbol of Annette’s love towards her daughters and her continuous endeavor to pursue her beliefs and dream.